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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Three Keys to Break Through Your Business Block

A new year is here (again!). For most of us, we look forward at our business and personal goals. We make lists of things we want to accomplish, which tend to include a few things we didn’t accomplish the prior year (or the year before that).

Each year at this time, I look back. I reflect on my 12-month journey, and it’s always eye opening! As with most businesses, goals and plans shift to accommodate the fluidity of business. And inevitably, there is something that I carry over to the plan for the new year. And I must admit there have been times my “carry over” items have carried for more than one year. 

Not this year. This year I was able to accomplish each business goal - even the “roll over” ones. How did I do it?
  1. Examination. What was keeping me from achieving my goals? Was is a personal block of some sort? Maybe it was a resource I needed that I didn’t have.  By being fully transparent about what was keeping me from achieving that goal, I was able to shine a light on the gremlins in my way. 
  2. Pull in resources. I was brave enough to ask for help I needed - hiring support staff, reaching out to my coach, soliciting help from my team and asking friends for support I knew I needed. It wasn’t as hard as I thought! Of course I can’t do everything myself. It’s not different when it comes to reaching a goal.
  3. Do the work. It's one thing to want to achieve a goal. It's another to push through the challenges and make it happen. Doing the hard work is where the rubber meets the road. AND this is when you'll know if your resources - your support - is the support you need.
I invite you to take this moment and look back. Look at this past year, and even at years prior. What is one goal (dream) that keeps rolling over to your New Year list? What has remained out of reach? 

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