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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Three Keys to a Better Business

The culture of many organizations offers little support for self-care, and even rewards unhealthy behaviors like overworking to meet unreasonable deadlines or other goals that aren’t aligned with a healthy team. The irony is that the company’s success depends on the performance capacity of its team, even more so on key leader. While many companies provide excellent wellness programs, many tend to make little use of wellness offerings beyond the annual physical.

Science has now proven that without proactive, effective self-care, this overly demanding lifestyle - combined with escalating stress – has serious negative effects. It is debilitating to the insight, judgment, innovation and teamwork required for sustained performance and success in business and in life.

If you are looking for a reason to take care of yourself – think of effective self-care as a business decision.

1. Professional development. Think of professional development as external support, growth. Maybe this is growing a specific skill for which an outside training is necessary. Maybe it’s about enhancing your public speaking skills. Is it a cool new program or workshop you’ve heard of? How about a book, audio book or audio course? Maybe it’s coaching?

2. Health and wellness. There are many factors that affect our health and wellness. Health and wellness is personal and individual. It’s up to each person to understand their bodies and what works for them.

3. “Balance.” This is in quotes for a reason. When I began coaching in the late 90s, work/life balance was a hot topic. But for balance to exist, both sides must be equal. There are times balance is achievable, and frankly there are times it’s just not possible. Think of balance as rhythm. Maybe each day functions the same – at the same pace with the same schedule. Maybe it’s a week that follows a certain rhythm and within each week some days feel “faster” than others. Whatever it looks like, that rhythm, or balance, is that cool space of knowing what you need for your life to function at its highest level.
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