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Friday, April 28, 2017

Leveraging Social Media to Recruit Team Members

Social media is a valuable tool to reach customers, potential customers and the community at large. Social media allows businesses use online platforms that people are already actively using to reach their audiences. Why reinvent the wheel when you can promote your businesses in places people are already gathering?

When used properly, social media can build your company’s brand and reputation. It can create goodwill, leverage your brand in the minds of your target audience and position your company as the best choice when choosing an insulator.

If your company is already using social media to reach people on a platform that has high traffic, to create goodwill, and to leverage your brand…..what about using it for recruitment?

Many of our NICE member clients utilize Facebook to recruit new talent for open positions – and they are getting great response. Here are some tips for using Facebook to recruit new talent:

  1. Tighten up your page. NICE members have heard from Human Resources Advisor Jean Seawright that your company’s brand is part of your recruitment strategy. Check your page description, photos, etc – be sure it’s presenting the image you want and the image that aligns with your brand. Delete old photos and posts that don’t match your current brand position.
  2. Tighten up your job descriptions. Once something is posted online, it’s live. A Facebook job posting needs to be removed to be updated – and that can be a headache. Take the time to fully review the job description before posting. Jean Seawright and her team available to develop job descriptions.
  3. Respond to submissions. When a Facebook user responds to a job posting, it will come to your Facebook page in the form of a message. Respond! This may sound silly or simply obvious. A prompt response will demonstrate you are serious about your company, your reputation and the people you add to your team. An appropriate person in your office, rather than an offsite marketing resource should handle job submissions responses.

One other tip: consider boosting your job posts! Just as with other Facebook advertising, this will put the posting in front of broad audience – one that may not regularly see your company posts.

Have questions? Contact our office. We’re happy to discuss this with you!

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