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Marketing Consulting

Effective marketing is a critical part of any business success. Even with clients who have elevated their brand, many organizations don't have the internal resources to make an ongoing commitment to daily marketing. Our marketing consulting team partners with clients who understand that marketing is a critical part of their organization's success, and are looking for the right external support to compliment their organization's commitment to marketing and branding. 

We work with clients on the following. Have questions about these services? Looking for something not listed here? Let's talk.

Website Strategy and Development 

A strong website is the foundation of any online marketing. Today's customers are looking for your business any time of day. A strong website provides the information customers need to choose you, so make it count.
Does your site have:
  • a current design that compliments your brand?
  • easy-to-find contact information?
  • answers to your customer's biggest questions?
  • compelling content so your customers know you are the right choice for them?
  • photos, videos and other learning tools to help educate your customers and build your expertise?
We partner with some of the best developers in the region to help clients get the right site for their business. Want a site and don't have a huge budget? We can help with that, too.

Social Media
Social media is a critical part of today's marketing, and evolving every day. Are you on top of your company's social media plan? Or have you been avoiding social media for your business?

Our team manages social media programs for companies across the country, helping them stay connected with their current customers, build a connection with new customers, create expertise and develop a strong brand voice online. 

We're committed to keeping you in front of your customers. Is your company's social media program too much for you to manage? Non-existent? Let's talk.

Online Marketing

The online world has changed marketing dramatically! By having a strong online marketing presence, a business can create a large impact with a small investment.

Maximizing your online presence through capturing and enhancing free online profiles ensures prospective customers find the right information about your company. Functioning as micro sites, online profiles can provide prospective customers all relevant company information so they can contact your team if they never visit your company website. These profiles push additional industry and company content online, and can help capture customer reviews - and both can help boost a company’s search results.

Contact us and learn how managing your online marketing can grow your business, and how we can help.


How do you convey the strength, passion and mission of your organization to current and prospective customers? A strong image that embodies your unique business and brand is critical.

If branding is the conversation your clients have about your business then a logo is its symbol. An effective logo reinforces the quality and unique sales proposition that is the essence of your brand. A strong logo strategically and consistently represents your company’s brand.

We analyze client logos and branding for clarity of message, the strength of the logo and how it communicates the message your business delivers. Ready to refresh your image and establish standards so you can be sure your image is showing up consistently in the marketplace? We do that, too.

Brochures and Sales Pieces

Do you need a brochure or a similar sales piece? Are you sure? Our team is skilled in developing the appropriate piece to achieve your business and marketing goal - and that piece may not be what you think. Consider this:
  • What ROI are you expecting? Will the piece you have in mind accomplish this?
  • How quickly does information in your industry change? 
  • How does this piece fit into your overall marketing strategy? 
  • What tools does your team need to sell? What tools do your customers need to choose you?
Work with our team to help answer these questions and more. 

From our clients

"Everyone loves working with Dana. She has a  great personality. She works well with everyone from our graphic designer to our president and CEO. She is always willing and able to answer questions, research opportunities and handle media relationships upon our request.  She understands the details behind media audits and demographic statistics and  presents things in a way that is easy to understand. Basically, Dana makes my job easier."
Jodie Johnson, Assistant Vice President - Marketing
First Business Financial Services, Inc.

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