First Business Bank Case Study

As DZ & Associates celebrates its 25th year of transforming businesses with customized marketing solutions, we’re showcasing the stories of some of the people and companies Dana and her team have partnered with over the years.  

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The Power of a Referral  

The partnership between Dana and First Business Bank began with a referral. That referral opened the door to an impactful partnership between DZ & Associates and First Business Bank that has solidified over the years into a seamless collaboration of shared success.

When First Business Bank, a business-focused bank headquartered in Madison, WI, needed some media, marketing, and copywriting help, they turned to Malcom Marketing. The ad agency referred them to Dana Zurbuchen, the founder and leader of DZ & Associates, who they had a strong relationship with. Right away, Jodie Johnson, First Business Bank’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, and her colleagues were impressed by Dana. Her straightforward, data-driven approach, even before the digital advertising era, set her apart and immediately resonated with First Business Bank’s vision for targeted and impactful marketing strategies.

Through the years that relationship has strengthened with every project Dana and First Business Bank have collaborated on. The multifaceted contributions of Dana and her team have not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the bank’s visibility and effectiveness in reaching its audience. From media audits and recommendations to copywriting services and proofing large projects, Dana and her team have delivered.

According to Jodie, Dana’s “energy, resourcefulness, and can-do attitude are helpful in tackling the most difficult projects.” And the rest of the First Business Bank team agrees. From the marketing team to the leadership, Dana has seamlessly integrated herself as a trusted advisor and partner.

In celebrating 25 years of empowering businesses, DZ & Associates’ collaboration with First Business Bank stands out as a shining example of mutual growth and success. Through strategic guidance, meticulous execution, and unwavering support, Dana and her team have not only propelled First Business Bank forward but have also cemented a lasting partnership built on trust, innovation, and shared success. They strengthen each other thanks to their mutual respect and shared passion for meeting the individual needs of their clients.