Seven Marketing Ideas to Jump Into Spring With a Splash

Welcome to Spring! Whether you live in a warm climate, where the only sign of spring is the rising humidity or a cold climate, where the budding daffodils and tulips are cause to rejoice, people everywhere are gearing up for a new season. Your business should be too. It is important for your business to plan ahead for each season in order to maintain marketing continuity and spring marketing is a great time to change gears. Here are some fantastic spring marketing ideas to help your business grow and bloom this season.

Spring Marketing Ideas for Any Business

Businesses young and old, small and large, need smart, creative marketing ideas for spring. Take a look at these fresh ideas to help you this season:

  1. Update Your Goals (and Your Strategy) – With Q1 over, it’s important to start this new season on the right foot. Take a look at your 2022 marketing goals and double check your progress. Don’t be afraid to adjust or create new goals to achieve success this spring.
  2. Refresh Your Website – A little spring cleaning of your company website will go a long way in staying ahead and keeping your business active and relevant. Visit your website to verify it is optimized and running at its best. This is the best time to freshen website content and grade your web vitals with online tools.
  3. Spring-ify Your Brand and Promote a Spring Product or Offer – Spring is all about the new bloom of life and happiness. And nothing makes your customers happier than a spring sale! Make the most of your spring promotions by adding a little spring to their step. Create spring-themed products, a limited edition spring service package or simply post products in fun pastels with a special spring name. Even more fun is hosting a spring savings event, whether in-store or virtual. Customers are 9% more likely to purchase items that are labeled as seasonal or limited edition.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and spruce up your brand as well. Nothing helps your company stand out more than a little seasonal flair. A small color change here and a new social profile picture there, will make a big impact this season.

  1. Update Your Online Profiles for Spring – Don’t forget about your local peeps this season. Make sure your business information is up-to-date across listings such as Yelp and Google Business Profile. Be sure to update your operating hours and spruce up your listing with a festive business description or feel good photos.

Spring Marketing Ideas for Social Media

If your marketing budget is geared more toward chocolate bunnies than golden eggs, organic efforts such as social media marketing can help warm up your business this season.

  1. Partner with an Influencer – Influencers are everywhere on social media. Use them to your advantage with influencer marketing. With a limited budget, creating an influence partnership with a micro-influencer (someone with approximately 10,000–50,000 followers) can quickly boost your company brand. With every tag on Instagram and shout out to your business on their Facebook story, an influencer will help increase your following.
  2. Run a Spring Social Media Contest – Emerging from the cocoon of winter into the warmth and new life of spring is a wonderful reason to hold a contest or giveaway on social media. Get your followers excited about the new season with interactive posts that encourage them to engage with you and others to win a prize. Not only will your followers have a hopping good time, but they’ll want to share the fun with their friends too.
  3. Use Spring Hashtags Hashtags are the highlight of social media. Posts are brightened with creative, catchy hashtags and they are the perfect way to grab a viewer and draw them to your business. Put your potential customers in the spring spirit by creating your own customized spring hashtags or borrowing some of these ideas:
    • #springishere
    • #sunsoutbunsout
    • #madeintheshade
    • #aprilshowersbringmayflowers
    • #heatingup
    • #springcleaning
    • #springfever
    • #tasteofspring
    • #springshowers
    • #springfling
    • #itsaspringthing
    • #outsideandthriving
    • #sandalwithcare
    • #springtimeisfine
    • #springbreak

Plant a Garden of Success This Spring

Spring is a season of rebirth. Utilizing the tips, tricks and tools in this article is a great way to help birth your small business’s success into the next season and year. Planting a garden of success this spring with creative and effective strategies will keep your small business marketing on track and your business blooming.