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Great! It’s time to chat. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. Out of town? Let’s talk over the phone or online. In our area? Let’s meet in person. We know a good cup of coffee can help generate great ideas so let’s get started.

Before we chat, we want you to know our customers get our very best. In turn, we ask that they give us their very best. We believe in open communication and maintaining high expectations both for ourselves and our clients. That means our clients:

  • Are committed and willing to participate in their company’s marketing, brand elevation, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Engage their team in their company’s marketing, branding, and leadership efforts by enrolling key team members in activities and discussions.
  • Are committed, willing, and ready to think big picture about their company’s marketing, branding, and leadership.
  • Commit to providing regular, timely feedback to our team so we can deliver the best possible results.
  • Understand that for our team to provide comprehensive marketing strategies, brand coaching, and leadership coaching, they must be honest about what is happening within their company (all information will be kept confidential).
  • Understand that marketing and coaching are fluid processes. Although the client and our team will establish and agree on initiatives, plans can and will change to respond to market and company changes.
  • Understand that our team will provide recommendations for the client’s marketing and leadership team. It is up to the client to implement the changes.
  • Initiate a collaboration with the understanding that successful marketing requires internal engagement by the leadership team and their entire organization.

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