Our Team

Dana Zurbuchen

Project Manager and Marketing Strategist

Dana started her business at age 26 and built it into a $10 million business in four years. Utilizing innovation, intuition, the art and science of marketing, and a mix of street smarts, Dana shifted her company toward continued growth during the 2008 economic downturn and the 2020 pandemic crisis.

Dana believes in long-term partnerships, open communication, and transparency. You’ll find no ego with DZ & Associates, only successful marketing strategies based on proactively addressing the marketing needs of our clients.

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Dana Zurbruchen, DZ & Associates Founder, headshot

& Associates

photo of Jennifer Bretsch

Jennifer Bretsch


Steven de Brueys

Steven De Brueys

SEO Director

Headshot of Kimberly Call.

Kimberly Call

Social Media Director

Catherine DuQue headshot.

Catherine DuQue

Graphic & Web Designer

Jule Fobert

Jule Fobert

Marketing Assistant

Connie Hill headshot.

Connie Hill

Website Programmer & Security Expert

Kathy Pujat headshot.

Kathy Pujat

Administrative Assistant

Ally Van Neste

Ally Van Neste

Graphic & Web Designer

Dan Wist headshot.

Dan Wist

Website Programmer