Search Engine Optimization Services

Many clients and customers begin their search for your business, product, or service on Google.

Of the thousands of results that pop up, 67% of the first five results get the click.

Are you clickable?

DZ+Associates Is Your SEO Specialist!

A strong search engine optimization (SEO) program increases your company’s page position for key search terms, increasing your opportunity to continually earn new customers.

We implement the top SEO strategies:

  • Relevant content – we make sure your online content best fits your business culture and audience needs.
  • Properly optimized images – your images make an impact, too.
  • Relevant links – internal, external, do follow, do not follow; each link plays a significant role.
  • Excellent writing, spelling, and grammar – yes, it makes a HUGE difference.
  • Headlines, subheadings, and titles – without proper titles, your visitors won’t read any further.

Our SEO experts work closely with your team to continually review and optimize your organic search program.

  • We offer detailed reports indicating month over month gains.
  • We detail ongoing efforts for your organic search program in easy-to-understand language.
  • We research and implement effective keywords that deliver ideal customers to your business.

Do you want to stand out? The team at DZA will help you maximize your site SEO for optimal results. Contact us to boost your ranking!