Profit Soup Case Study

As DZ & Associates celebrates its 25th year of transforming businesses with customized marketing solutions, we’re showcasing the stories of some of the people and companies Dana and her team have partnered with over the years.  

Elevating Marketing Success: The Impact of Collaboration on Profit Soup’s Journey 

As Barbara Nuss, founder of Profit Soup, a company that provides financial education training for businesses, helps DZ & Associates celebrate twenty-five years of success, she reflects on the pivotal role DZ & Associates’ founder Dana Zurbuchen and her team have played in transforming her company’s marketing strategy. Their partnership has been instrumental in bringing quality content to clients, growing their open rate, and shifting their marketing focus.

Challenges Faced: Inconsistency Amidst Abundance

Profit Soup struggled with inconsistency in marketing outreach despite possessing an array of quality assets. They were creating top notch blogs, podcasts, and compelling content, yet their dissemination lacked coherence. They were hit and miss on the best ways to reach their consumers and social media followers. Barbara and her team wanted to reach their target audience more consistently and efficiently. This was especially important as they worked to shift their business mix from conference presentations to online training. 

Project Management Expertise 

Barbara turned to Dana and DZ & Associates. Dana’s expertise as a project manager revolutionized their marketing approach. The DZ & Associates team helped Profit Soup develop and streamline a template for their digital newsletters that ensured simplicity, speed, high quality, and most importantly, consistency.

A Transformation Unfolds

The results were transformative. With Dana’s guidance, Profit Soup witnessed a remarkable surge in engagement metrics. From an initial 20-25% open rate among their 8000 contacts (which Barbara thought was great), they soared to an impressive 44% open rate with an expanded database of 11,000 names (which Barbara discovered was even greater!). And the growth wasn’t just numerical, it was sustained, as subscribers remained engaged with the consistently valuable content. There was also a noticeable uptick in lead quality coming from the website resulting in increased sales.

A Testament to Partnership and Innovation

Barbara attributes this success to Dana’s adept project management skills, which not only provided structure but also instilled a culture of consistency and reliability. With these new strategies in hand, Profit Soup’s marketing success has risen to unprecedented heights, significantly enhancing their online presence and audience reach.

The partnership between DZ & Associates and Profit Soup is a clear picture of how a collaboration of strategic guidance and effective execution can create marketing success. As Profit Soup continues its journey, Barbara and Dana look forward to a continued partnership, one of enduring impact and innovation in the realm of financial education.