Rockweiler Insulation Case Study

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As DZ & Associates celebrates its 25th year of transforming businesses with customized marketing solutions, we’re showcasing the stories of some of the people and companies Dana and her team have partnered with over the years.  

Evolution of a Marketing Partnership  

For nearly two decades, Dana and her team at DZ & Associates have been the trusted marketing partners of Rockweiler Insulation. Their partnership showcases a successful collaboration that has propelled Rockweiler Insulation to new heights in the insulation industry. Through strategic planning, innovative campaigns, and a commitment to evolving with the times, DZ & Associates has become an integral part of Rockweiler’s marketing success story. 

The Beginning: Shaping a Vision  The Beginning: Shaping a Vision  

Before Dana entered the picture, Renee Wilson, President of Rockweiler Insulation, admits that their marketing strategy was ad hoc at best. Dana’s arrival marked a turning point. With her guidance, Renee realized that a true marketing plan went beyond just saying yes or no to opportunities—it required strategic thinking and a comprehensive approach. 

Crafting Success: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan  

Dana helped Renee and the Rockweiler team sort through their existing strategies, identifying what worked and what needed improvement. Together, they crafted a comprehensive marketing plan that leveraged various media opportunities while remaining cost effective. The highlight of this plan is that it wasn’t static; it evolved regularly, reflecting Dana and her team’s commitment to staying abreast of current trends and adapting strategies accordingly. 

Diverse Projects, Lasting Impact  

Over the years, they have tackled a diverse array of projects together. From print ads to website design, radio commercials to social media development, Dana’s team has been instrumental in shaping Rockweiler’s brand identity across various platforms. It’s also been exciting to see how Dana’s insights have helped Renee and her team formalize their customer feedback process, leading to increased online reviews and a stronger community presence. 

Continued Collaboration 

The relationship between Dana and Renee, and their respective companies, is a unique and inspiring example of collaboration and strategic partnership in the business world. Through almost two decades of working together, they have not only crafted effective marketing campaigns but also forged a bond built on trust, innovation, and mutual respect. As they continue their journey forward, they are excited to collaborate on many more projects to come.