The Hayes Company Case Study

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As DZ & Associates celebrates its 25th year of transforming businesses with customized marketing solutions, we’re showcasing the stories of some of the people and companies Dana and her team have partnered with over the years.  

Powering Growth Through Strategic Partnership

The Hayes Company has been a fixture in the Kansas City, MO community for 45 years. During that time, their top-quality workmanship and resilience has allowed them to grow to be the local “go-to” company for insulation and home solutions. In recent years, they have extended their reach to Nashville, TN through Hayes Insulation. When they needed marketing expertise to grow their business, an introduction to DZ & Associates was just the start of a very fruitful relationship. 

Forging a Dynamic Alliance 

Nearly a decade ago, Zac Hayes and the leadership teams at The Hayes Company were introduced to DZ & Associates through the National Insulation Contractors’ Exchange (NICE), where Dana and her team served as trusted advisors to many NICE members. Zac and his colleagues quickly saw that they and Dana shared a similar vision for growth and innovation.  

Addressing Critical Challenges 

Before being introduced to Dana, The Hayes Company leadership team acknowledged that they faced two significant challenges as a business. One, they felt a pressing need to revamp their marketing and lead generation strategies. Despite their longstanding reputation among contractors, they recognized the untapped potential in reaching local homeowners, remodelers, and custom home builders with their services too. Sensing the industry’s shift towards digitalization, they were in search of expertise to navigate this new terrain and prevent them from falling behind other companies.

Secondly, The Hayes Company faced the intricate challenge of effectively marketing a diverse range of services they offered beyond insulation, including fireplaces, mirrors, shower doors, and closet shelving. This multifaceted landscape demanded a cohesive branding strategy and targeted marketing approach that they didn’t feel qualified to handle on their own.

Navigating Complexity, Seizing Opportunities 

They unanimously decided DZ & Associates had the expertise for the job. Turning the marketing reins over to Dana and her team, they seamlessly integrated into The Hayes Company’s operations, evolving alongside the business as it expanded its product lines and entered new markets. Through meticulous website optimization, branding initiatives, and lead generation processes, DZ & Associates propelled The Hayes Company towards newfound success. 

A Partnership Grounded in Trust 

For Zac Hayes, Vice President of Sales at The Hayes Company, the most beneficial part of his company’s collaboration with Dana is that she’s “invested in your success.” From refining lead generation processes to optimizing sales strategies, Dana and her team have played a pivotal role in driving The Hayes Company’s business growth. And with that investment comes trust. Zac and his colleagues agree that it’s comforting to know that they can entrust critical aspects of their business to a team as invested in their success as they are. 

Unleashing Potential, Ensuring Long-term Success 

The collaborative efforts of The Hayes Company and DZ & Associates have not only built trust and facilitated business growth but have also enabled The Hayes Company’s owners to focus on strategic initiatives. By delegating key responsibilities to Dana and her team, they have unlocked new avenues of profitability and expansion, positioning themselves for sustained success in the years to come. 

With an unmatched track record of success and innovation for nearly a decade, The Hayes Company team wholeheartedly endorses their partnership with DZ & Associates. They know that Dana and her team are a team of pros that really understand their business and are looking forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.