Three Strategies for Digital Marketing Retargeting

Everyone wants a piece of the online marketing pie and is looking for the best way to get their business seen and remembered. Retargeting is just such a way. Retargeting involves advertising your business to a potential customer again through a different medium. It is the perfect way for companies to increase their visibility and website traffic from highly interested prospects. It can also boost the effectiveness of search advertising efforts. There are various retargeting tactics out there. Let’s focus on a few of the most popular and effective ones.

Search Retargeting

Search retargeting is a specific form of retargeting that enables you to show your ads to customers who recently conducted a relevant search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It works by allowing your ads to piggyback on general search engine queries (such as “attic insulation options). Even after leaving the search engine, your ads will pop up on the websites of people who had previously conducted a search.

Site Retargeting

Visitors to your website must stick around a while and explore. Sadly, 98% of people leave a website without converting. One way to combat this quick site flight is to use the well-established method of site retargeting.

In a nutshell, a bit of code is installed on your website, and the code drops a pixel on visiting traffic. After a visitor leaves your website, your banner ads will appear in front of them on the different websites they visit. Regardless of how visitors initially found your page, whether through social media, directory listings, organic search results, or pay-per-click ads, this strategy is highly effective in getting your ads seen by visitors who leave your site and browse other sites.

It is a great way to retarget website visitors by keeping your business in the sight and mind of prospective customers.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook has quickly become a staple in many Americans’ daily lives. Most users trust that the sponsored posts and articles they see on Facebook are legitimate and clickable. As a result, Facebook is a great channel for website retargeting. Essentially the same as site retargeting, Facebook retargeting focuses only on displaying ads on Facebook.

With Facebook, you have the advantage of clear and crisp ads displayed alongside other content in a viewer’s News Feed. But be sure your ads stand out visually to catch the eye of fast scrolling users.

Retarget Your Creativity

As you focus your efforts on retargeting potential customers, don’t forget to retarget your creativity. When creating new ads, whether you are highlighting new products or a special event, be mindful of utilizing a variety of ad sizes to complement both mobile and desktop devices. Since Facebook requires a specific ad size, you can focus on creating compelling messages and calls to action with Facebook ads.

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