Three Tips for Measuring the Success of Facebook Advertising

Success means different things to different people. A successful ad campaign for a small business will look very different from a larger company. But one place that everyone can agree is an essential part of achieving success in advertising is Facebook. Depending on the marketing goals you are trying to reach, success on Facebook does not look the same for everyone. Here are three ways to gauge your success with Facebook advertising.

Tracking Conversions & Leads

Whether your main goal is to generate leads (possibly through a Lead Ads campaign where users can fill out a form directly on Facebook) or you are looking to direct people to your website (be sure to use Facebook Pixel to help you keep tabs on this), it is important to keep track of how many ad conversions and new leads your Facebook advertising campaign is generating. Tracking these statistics is a key to gauging your ad campaign’s success on Facebook.

Gauging Brand Awareness

Making your business’s name and face known to potential consumers is essential. Building brand awareness is the perfect step to introducing prospective customers to your company and familiarizing them with your brand. There are various ways you can determine the impact Facebook advertising is having on your brand awareness, such as:

  • Looking at reviews or placing a Facebook ad on their News Feed to inquire how new contacts found your business
  • Seeing an uptick in engagement on your ad or Facebook business page through increased likes and interactions
  • Noticing a spike in website visits and impressions or clicks on your search engine ads.

All of these occurrences can indicate increased brand awareness, showing that potential customers are viewing your ads on Facebook and wanting to learn more about your business through online searches and increased interaction through your various online channels. This increased brand awareness can directly link to improving your lead generation and conversion rate.

Measuring Ad Views & Engagements

Once you have your Facebook ad campaign up and running, it’s important to review the results your ads are generating. Be sure to look in your Facebook ads manager at the impressions (views), reach (people), and engagements your ad is driving. The depth of your ad’s creativity, through its message and image, can directly impact the likes, comments, and shares your ad receives.

Success with your Facebook ad campaign is one component in building success for your small business. We would love to help you progress along the path of increased brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement. Contact us to learn more.